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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yes, I am, once again, not really happy with the blog look. It looks too squished to me. I checked out loads of other (blogger) blogs and even though they use the same width for their main area, they look wider. Compared to mine, it appears to be the background image. Even though I like it, it does seem busy after a while.
Anyway, I'll be tinkering with different backgrounds for a bit. But, being the paranoid person that I am, I don't want to try this on my active blog. So I created another one and marked it private. I can try all the crazy new looks and widgets that I want and no one will be the wiser :)
So, stay tuned for the new look...


Organize and share your Bookmarks using Pearltrees

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I first heard of this new way to organize and share your bookmarks on the Shadowhouse Creations blog (thanks Jerry). It's called Pearltrees and after trying it out for a few days I really like it. 

Like any blogger, I collect bookmarks--a LOT of bookmarks. So I save them in existing groups and create new groups, and so on, and so on... Of course, the next time I need to find a bookmark I thought I'd saved, it seems to have disappeared into a black hole; so I find the site and save it again. I know what you're thinking just organize your bookmarks into better groups, silly. I did that, but I'm still having problems finding stuff; plus I'm spending way too much time looking for new stuff.  This is where, for me at least, Pearltrees comes in. It's also organizing your bookmarks (Pearls) into groups (Pearltrees), but it does it visually. Once you have a Pearltree, a small status bar stays on the bottom of your browser window and you can navigate through your pearls or pearltrees. You can pick other people's pearls to add to your trees and they can do the same. It's like Social Networking for Bookmarks--really cool. Check out this Pearltree video:

Here is my Pearltree. Check it out, won't you?



A Walk in the Park

Thursday, August 5, 2010

On the way home from our 3-day vacation at Great Wolf Lodge, we stopped at the Monarch Sculpture Park (SE of Tumwater, WA). After all the fun (translate: loud) activities, this was a welcome break. I only managed, however, to get a few shots (still processing the rest), because my 5 year old--aka Princess Katie Bean--decided to throw a tantrum and we had to cut the visit short.

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