My First Textures

Monday, March 21, 2011

Here are the first few textures I created. As I continue to clean up my hard drive, I will add more, so check back often.

Download Rusty Pail (2600 x 1740 px)
Download Rusty Pail 2 (2600 x 1740 px)

Download Rusty Tear (2100 x 1405 px)

Download Mossy Rock (2860 x 1745 px)
Download Unswept Concrete (3800 x 2544 px)
Download Cracked Concrete (2479 x 2497 px)
Download Rock Wall (3800 X 2544 px)
Download Urban Grunge (3800 x 2544 px)
Download Rust Overlay (2500 x 2492 px)


Earth Laughs

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Earth Laughs by scrapgeek/NKMphotos
Earth Laughs a photo by scrapgeek/NKMphotos on Flickr.
I got back to cleaning up my hard drive and organizing pictures. I had categorized many pictures and created collections in Adobe Bridge and was quite happy with it. But then I got Lightroom 3 through one of Adobe's special offers and now I have to re-think how to organize everything again. Not that I'm complaining--I really love Lightroom.
So I started creating textures from lots of close-ups of trees, moss, grungy concrete and rusty barrels. I'll be adding these to my flickr stream for download.
For this picture I used my Rusty Pail texture and the Rust Overlay. I also added one of ShadowHouse Creation's bokeh textures (love these) to finish it.


Well, that's it for the 365...

Friday, March 18, 2011

...for this year anyway. The cold I had a couple of weeks ago put me several days behind. I did take pictures but it was slow going getting them processed and posted. But at that point, I still thought I could catch up. Then work and kids' birthdays got me even farther behind. And to top it all off, last Sunday, coming out of the laundry room arms full of clothes, I ran into our sturdy, wooden step-stool (thanks Ikea :D) which one of the kids had failed to return to its proper place.

So, here I am, after several sick-days, sitting on the couch and trying to find a position that doesn't send pain shooting up my leg, full of pain medication and with just about enough energy to send a tweet or two, make a facebook entry, or update the blog.

I guess I could, at this point, change over to a 52 (a picture a week for a year) and still complete a project. I'm really bummed out about this, because I wanted so much to finish the project. This challenge pushed me to think and get something every day to photograph, which isn't as easy as it sounds--well, at least for me. Being a perfectionist doesn't help either; I could have just snapped something with my iPhone and uploaded it, but I just couldn't bring myself to do that. I know you can take pretty good pictures with an iPhone (I've seen flickr groups and other photogs' blogs), but mine never come out that good :(

So, I've started cleaning up my pictures and organize everything properly in LightRoom (I had Bridge tags and collections before) and work on creating some textures from stuff I shot over the years, like concrete, wood, moss, etc. I've completed a handful already and pur them in a set on my flickr page. I'd love to get some feedback and, if anyone downloads and uses them, links to completed work.


Deke's Techniques

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just finished watching this on Looks very cool. I wonder if I can turn this into an action? Hmmm...

Building a synthetic star field
Deke's Techniques | by Deke McClelland

View this entire Photoshop course and more in the Online Training Library®.

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