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Monday, February 20, 2012

I've been wanting to do a what's in my camera bag post for a while now, so when I got my new Nikon D7000 this weekend (*happy dance* hello anticipated tax return!) I thought this was the time to do it.

I had this baby on my wish-list for quite some time now. The last time we checked prices was last Summer, but we couldn't fit it into the budget, so we decided to wait. After doing our taxes--the first time in a looong time that I actually got them done early (yay), we discovered that we'll actually get a refund (double-yay). Well, long story short, we managed to get one, which brings me to my first item in the bag--nice segway, eh? :D

I had been using the Nikon D90 for a while, so the D7000 was fairly easy to get used to. Most of the controls are either in the same place or have been moved for easier access. Since I'm not much for reading manuals (yawn), the first thing I did was watch an intro class for the D7000 on Now, if it would just stop raining, so I can go outside and play. Haha, living in the Pacific NW, I'll have to wait until April!

This was the first DSLR I had after some Point-and-shoot and bridge cameras. My hubby used it when I got the D90 and now that I have the D7000, the D90 went to hubbs and we'll probably use the D60 as a second body. It's an awesome starter camera and you can't beat the price.

This was the first prime lens I got after venturing into the DSLR world--and I love it! The pictures are very sharp and the bokeh is beautiful!

And this is the second prime lens I got. I love, love, love this lens. They don't call this the nifty fifty for nothing!

This is a great flash--very versatile--and it won't break the Mom-tog bank ;-)

Extension tubes are good for getting a little closer without using a macro lens. I got this shot using these tubes. (Warning, extreme spider close-up--don't look if you don't like creepy-crawlies!)

I love this thing! It's an awesome little diffuser that mounts in your hotshoe to use with your camera's built-in flash.

For food shots or studio portraits this kit does the job. I especially like the horizontal center column feature, which allows the center column to flip from vertical to horizontal.

Well, that's about it (the big stuff anyway); except for the actual bag, that is. I have several; my everyday bag/purse (the Classic Black from Kelly Moore), a weekend backpack (Sunpak Airbak Zoom Pack Small ) and the big, carry-all Mama-bag (the Juju also from Kelly Moore-if they're out of stock, which they very often are, try Amazon, this one's for when you need to bring everything).

Of course, there's always stuff on my wish-list, but I think I will be quite happy with the D7000 for some time. I'll just be drooling over lenses now (haha). I keep track of all the goodies I'd love to have on one of my Pinterest Boards, aptly named Gift Wish List :D.

If you're not familiar with Pinterest, check out my post from last September.

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