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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A little while ago I went through this whole exercise of switching our web host to mobileMe and deciding on which blog service to use. Initially, it looked like iWeb would do it all, but I found that the blog part didn't do all I wanted, namely categories.
So I went back to blogger and linked my personal domain to my blogger site and just linked back to my iWeb site, where I keep my photos and digi-scrap layouts. You'd think I'd be happy now, right?
Wrong! Of course, I can't leave well enough alone and soon got picky about the theme of my blog. I didn't really like the ones that come with blogger, so I tried to find others. A couple of Twitterers I follow helped and I found some nice ones to use.
Ahhh, so when I say use, you might think go into your dashboard, load the XML file, save and all your stuff is there in the new layout, right? Wrong, again. The themes I found were converted from WordPress to be blogger compatible, but you still had to find a place to copy image and/or javascript files. Then you had to edit the xml file to fix the file references.
Having done all that, I saved the template and went to view the blog. Hmmm, looks like the widgets I had on there before didn't make it to this new layout. Drat! Well, I guess I'll have to add them back in. Ok, no problem, I can do that...hmmm this widget doesn't display the same way it did in the other theme, and, uh, now I only have one area where I can add widgets--don't really like that (sigh)
Ok, at this point I'm starting to get into complaining mode (or perhaps whining depending on how far into it I am). This is why I switched from a PC to a MAC--I got tired of taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to do anything on the computer. I have that at work--I don't need it at home. Also, I found that as you get older, your attention span gets shorter: "geez, can't I just change the Theme and have everything work?" Yea, I know, whaa, whaa, stop whining already! Hey, it's my blog and I can vent!
So I started looking at WordPress, because I read an online survey (via a Twitter link) on what blog platform is used most and thought hey, that sounds easy enough, I'll try it...
So right away, I found out that with you can only use the themes they supply (groan) unless you use the client app with and host your own. Ok, I can deal with that, I can find one that I 'mostly' like and maybe change the colors... It's not like I don't know how to change the CSS, I don't want to if I don't have to.
Oh yea, I can't add my Amazon widget either, because it's an iFrame (nervous tick starting) and those are evil and not allowed on
I guess I'll go find my screaming pillow and practice a few colorful metaphors :)

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