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Sunday, July 25, 2010

We recently discovered a nice little area with a walking/running trail along the waterfront after dropping our son off for his summer activities. Early (well, relatively early) in the morning, the water was very still and all the boats were still docked. Along the way, we noticed a heron who wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere--just waiting for breakfast, I suppose. He (at least I think it was a he) finally did step off his little perch and, very gingerly, started wading through the water cocking his head and quickly snapped a fish right out of the water. I missed that shot, of course, since I was playing around with exposure settings--ugh! But I think I managed to get a nice pose anyway.

I used CoffeeShop Web Diptych2 and MCP Finish It and MCP Quickie Collection actions to process the pictures.

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